Anns Corner

Unfinished Business

Fate has a way of returning us to places where we have unfinished business.

Seven years ago, our family moved to Visayas as my Rotarian’s career dictated a reassignment.

The chances of us returning were slim thus we closed a beautiful chapter with the Rotary Club of

Cagayan de Oro. While we were away, our family led a different life, happy yet different as Rotary was absent from it. We saw God’s hand apparently at work because even when it was highly improbable, last year we were moved back to the city where our Rotary journey began.

While we were elated for our return, I was immediately confronted with the Rotary Ann invitation to serve in a position that demanded more of what I had previously been willing to give. The call was adamant and I surprised myself by giving a firm yes. With all humility I bowed my head whispering to our Almighty, “Lord, thy will be done.”

Hence, with excitement and nervousness I lead the Rotary Anns to begin another Rotary year of service with our handsome Rotarians. Taking the cue from our theme this year, “Rotary: Making a Difference” we prepare ourselves to make the mark where we are most needed.

For this year, the Rotary Anns will follow 4 key directions with the acronym SAPA:

Support, Attendance, Projects, and Adventures.

Support our Rotarians. It sounds so simple, yet this is often the most critical of our roles. Our Rotarians need to be reminded of their regular Thursday meetings and membership dues, and also prompted to be a vital part of club projects and gatherings. To our Rotarian, let us be his cheerful alarm clock, timely and generous wallet.

Attendance of Rotary Anns. We encourage Rotarians to encourage their spouses to join us in our monthly meetings. We only ask for time to have lunch with them 12 x a year, on the first Thursday of each month. You see, 12 compared to 365 is a small number, especially when we gain friends and learn so much from each other during these meetings.

Projects. Bringing together the talents and resources of the Rotary Anns, we hope to implement projects that have a positive impact to our community. We are constantly on a lookout for areas where we too can better the lives of others.

Adventures and fellowships. Rotary is not all speeches and projects, and we have gatherings where we break bread in a more leisurely and relaxed atmosphere. Our adventures at times take us to trips far from the comforts of home. During these moments we are afforded the time to laugh, and discover the lighter side of each other’s personalities.

A Rotary Ann’s life need not be complicated. SAPA is the acronym of our 4 simple directions. SAPA in English means stream, a natural source of flowing water. May our SAPA be our share of making a difference in this Rotary year.


Angelie Mae “ANGIE” C. Dael
President, RY 2017-2018
Rotary Anns of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro

Annotation – Post Valentine Party

The event was made possible by the generosity of RC-CDO Pres. Dodie and Ann PP Doris Lagrosas who personally shouldered the expenses.

The Rotary Anns were asked to prepare an almost perfectly romantic setting, with Ann Riza Rodano festooning red and white balloons and hearts here and there and a decorated picture frame where the couple posed with stick signes of “Yes” and “I Love You” to record the moment for posterity. I did the flower arrangements on the presidential and round tables with flickering lighted candles and loose petals dropped on the tables. Ann Jo Ann Llagas prepared the ribboned roses for Rotarians to hand-over to their wives and the Anns in turn reciprocating with red hears sticks.

Dinner was super delicious with additional lechon ordered by Ann Secretary Ophie Paano, Calderetta donated by Rtn. PVP Ben & Ann PP Jess Elio, cupcakes brought by Ann En-En Juarez. Ann Treasurer Pam Valencia bought two cakes for the birthday and Wedding Anniversary Celebrants.

Ann PP Josie Alinabon, who checked the menu earlier, was chairperson for the Search of Mr. and Mrs. Valentine ’17. The reddest couple chosen was Rtn. Hong & Ann Gloria See. Glow s crowned by Pres. Linda Caragos while Hong was handed a scepter by Pres. Dodie Lagrosas. Both were decorated with a sash of Mr. Valentine and Mrs. Valentine while Glo received an additional bouquet and a glittering red fan.

Rtn. Msgr. Tex Legitimas capped the evening with an Ecumenical blessing for the couples and everybody present.

Then the line band played while Gov. Manny Along crooned and couples danced to their “theme song”.

2nd GGM for Rotary Year 2015-2016

Today, we hold our 2nd GGM for Rotary Year 2015-2016. I would like to thank the board and all the Anns for an amazing start of this year’s theme, “Be a Gift to the World”!

As all of you know, last July 18, we successfully did the Balik Eskwela Project at the Purok Gusa Child Development Center spearheaded by VP Ching Sarraga.

Last August 3, 2015, the board met for a meeting at Coffee Bean to discuss about our upcoming projects for the month. I am appealing to everyone to please pray and lend out a helping hand for the success of our “Put a Smile Project” this coming August 16-27, 2015. The project will be done at the JR Borja Memorial Hospital in Carmen.

My dear lovely Anns, we have again a new Rotary year to conquer. I pray that you support me and one another in being a gift to the world. It’s our time again to shine!

Here we are on the 2nd month of year 2015

Here we are on the 2nd month of year 2015, marked the 8th month of precious GMM’s, board meetings, projects, activities, & fellowship! How time flies, after a few more months my term will be over – what an enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling experience with you.

Happy New Year!

I am very happy to see you all today. 2014 has been a good year to us all – you’re overwhelming support marked the success of the many projects & activities for the past year! Looking forward for 2015.