President Column

Making a Difference

First, I would like to extend my congratulations to our Pres. Dufel “Dodie” Lagrosas for a job well done.

Although we are dampened by the thought that our island Mindanao is in the Rule of Martial Law, it is our hope that this doesn’t hamper our desire to serve in Rotary. We are excited for the 70th Year of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro and for it’s programs for the new year ahead. The plans are in place and ready for implementation.

I am making an appeal to each and every one of you Fellow Rotarians and Rotary Anns to involve yourselves and be recognized. Now is the time to help with your undivided time, become devoted

to service and your unrelenting desire to help our fellowmen. This year’s theme is very timely. “ Making a Difference”.

We, the Incoming Officers and Board would like to ask for your full support. It is not the awards or accolades that drives us to be the best and the “Greatest Club” but more importantly , the consistency in following the Rotary motto , “ Service above Self , He who serves most, Serves best”.

May the God bless us all.


In Rotary,

President, RY 2017-2018
Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro

Few meetings to go and I will start relinquishing

Few meetings to go and I will start relinquishing, my duties to the next team. We will just finish our last project, the Water for Life for the students of Baikingon Elementary School, then we can call it, FINISH. Well done my worthy Rotarians of RCCDO, I am very certain that the people we serve will never forget our goodness. Every talent, time, and treasure you spared for the less fortunate, will surely be remembered. Our 69 years of service to humanity is a history we have to protect. Good men names have to be remembered, hence RCCDO must not stop to be ever mindful to the needs of our community.

My team can not accept alone the credit and honors of our awards without the support of our equally service oriented spouses, our lovely Anns. Our Anns headed by Ann President Lady Linda Caragos, we can never forget their projects, the Dakilang Ina, Balik Eskwela, Christmas Gift-giving, and partnering with us on the many fellowships we had. This I owe to them. Hence, to show my heartfelt gratitude, I intentionally joined them on their fellowship at Renee Araneta Perrine farm tour, at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, last May 6, 2017, thinking that it was my opportune time to show my gratitude, and for that I graciously offered to call the bill on me. Thank you again forever lovely Anns, you are so dear to us. Our sincerest thanks to you our indispensable partners.

Let our fellowship continue, united in the Ideal of Service.

It’s nice to be back, feeling better after a medical vacation

It’s nice to be back, feeling better after a medical vacation, so thankful for your concern and the sincere prayers. Now with better eyesight, breathing well, no more dizziness, I’m back to serve my Club and our community. Thank you again PN Danny Empedrad, for taking over on our meeting during my absence, you are in did the next MAN.

Today we will honor the ROTARIANS who have contributed to the Foundation, Rotarians who believe to the idea of Arch Klumph the Founder of the Foundation, of doing good to the world. loo years of changing lives to better was indeed a noble journey. In our club let us be the source of inspiration to all, tell the fascinating stories, how good Rotary Foundation is to the world and to our community. Our support to the Foundation is the reason why many people’s lives around the world have change, GIVE generously and be a part of the goodness of this Foundation. Share for many still needs it, Congratulations to the honoree and fervently pray that through your philanthropic deeds, BLESS you more.

We will be honored by the presence of our Good District Governor DG _ling Dela Calzada, who will personally acknowledge us in our very commendable contribution to Rotary Foundation, breaking the records of our club and district.

A BIG round of applause to the GREATEST CLUB!!!

Owori will become first Ugandan to head Rotary International

EVANSTON, USA (5 October 2016) — Samuel “Sam” Owori of Kampala, Uganda was today confirmed president-nominee of Rotary International – a humanitarian service organization that unites leaders committed to improving liver and bringing positive, lasting change to communities around the world.

As a member the Rotary Club Kampala, Uganda for 38 years, Owori says, “Rotary has become a way of life for me – with the intrinsic value and core belief it, mutual responsibility and concern for one another as a cornerstone. I feel immense satisfaction knowing that through Rotary, helped someone live better.”

During his on year term as Rotary’s 108th president beginning on 1 July 2n18, Owori will focus on building membership worldwide and increasing visibility and understanding of Rotary. He’s played an instrumental role in growing the number of clubs in Uganda from nine to 89 over the course of 29 years. “Today more than ever, the world needs to know and understand Rotary’s impact and values of advancing international understanding, goodwill and peace,” says Owori. “We are all too busy and we’ve lost our patience. Through friendship and service, membership in Rotary offers countless ways to connect and create meaningful change in your community, as well as opportunities to see the world through a more global lens.

Rotary members throughout the world take action to make communities better. They contribute their time, energy and passion to carry out impactful and sustainable projects in the areas of peace and conflict resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, and economic and community development.

As president, Owori will oversee Rotary’s lop humanitarian goal of eradicating the paralyzing disease polio. Rotary launched its polio immunization program PolioPIus, in 1985, and in 1988 became a spearheading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and was later joined by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since the initiative launched, the incidence of polio has plummeted more than 99.9 percent, from about 350,000 cases a year to 26 confirmed to date in 2016. Rotary has contributed more than US $1.6 billion and countless volunteer hours to immunize me’ e than 2.5 billion children in countries.

Owori is chief executive officer of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda. Before that, he was executive director of the African Development Bank, managing director of Uganda Commercial (yank Ltd., and director of Uganda Development Bank. He has studied law, employment relations, business management, corporate resources management, microfinance, and marketing at institution in England, Japan, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the United States, including Harvard Business School.

Inter-Club Golf Team headed by PDG Manny Along

On the onset, allow me to congratulate our Inter-Club Golf Team headed by PDG Manny Along, for winning the 5th Open Philippines Rotary Friendship and Golfing Fellowship Tournament as 2nd runner up, held at Pueblo de Oro Golf and Country Club. Our District Team also bagged the Inter-District over-all championship trophy.

My sincerest thanks also to our spouses headed by Ann President Lady Linda Caragos, for the very successful post-Valentine Party. It was indeed a tie to pose for a while from our hectic schedules and think about our love ones, who gave us our inspiration and give meaning to our lives, a great opportunity to express our love for them.

I am also pleased to inform you that our second Business Management Seminar project in partnership with WIWAG Foundation and Bato Balani Foundation, Inc., have ended successfully last February 16, 2017 at Lourdes College. Let us acknowledge the lead person, PD Rey Lomarda, and as facilitators: PVP Alvin Benasa, PD Gus Rodano and Rtn. Leony Quicoy.

For our incoming projects: the Water for Life, the organization of our Rotaract Club, and the Fireside Chat. Heads up to the Rotarians involve. Please don’t hesitate to approach me for any assistance. I am also asking the Rotarians to support our chairmen for these remaining projects for this Rotary Year.

God bless and may the ever-loving God forever guide us in our pursuit to make a difference to the community, as “Rotary Serving Humanity”.

The best of both worlds: Rotary and Rotaract

Postal on January 13, 2017
By Fernando Pinto Nercelles

When I learned about the changes approved by the 2016 Council rut Legislation that allowed Rutaractors to join a Rotary club while maintaining their Rotaract membership, I immediately saw an opportunity and knew that I had to take it. Why?

It’s quite simple, I feel dual membership is one of the most effective ways devised to achieve the best of both worlds. Rotary and Rotaract combined is an approach that definitively and once and for all, leaves behind the prejudices of age, maturity, money, prospects of service, and friendship. This challenge put in front of us gives us the unique opportunity to get the best of Rotaract and Rotary. Dual membership in Rotaract and Rotary allows us to build more dynamic clubs with greater scope of perspective, more debate, more ideas, and more and better service in more communities I think we should not forget the most important part of Rotary—Service Above Self. I am grateful to my friends of the Rotaract Club of Vitacura, Chile for teaching me that.

Rotaractors bring new energy and motivation to everything we do and develop dynamic friendships and professional networks with everyone we meet. And now, as a Rotarian too, I have made a renewed commitment to continue learning and growing together with those who know best the path of service, but also to serve as a bridge between both worlds. My hope is that more Rotaractors wi join Rotary every day, expanding the limits of our service.

We must continue to explore and refine this important new opportunity, delivering clear ideas and effective advice on how to properly implement dual membership in our clubs and districts. For example, my club, the Rotary Club of Huelen is composed of almost 40 percent former Rotaractor, and the Rotarians in the club understand the importance of including young people in service. As a younger professional, I do not have the means to afford expensive dinners, not to mention high membership fees. So my new Rotary club made the decision to charge me only the Rotary International dues, and not a penny more. The opportunity to be a Rotarian was within my reach and today it is a reality.

I invite and encourage my fellow Rotaractors to dare. Approach your sponsoring Rotary clubs or other clubs in the area and ask about the options. Or, if you can’t find a Rotary club that’s right for you, start your own. It’s possible! And to my fellow Rotarians, I invite you not to wait for the Rotaractors to approach you, come and invite them to join your clubs. Just like that, we all contribute to a more committed Rotary — a Rotary Serving Humanity.

Lets be one in moving forward in Rotary Serving Humanity.

This week we celebrate the one hundred years of doing good in the world. In line with the district wide celebration, our club will participate on a joint END POLIO WALK NOW AND FOREVER, to make awareness to the community that ROTARY, have invested time, money, and its expertise, into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. To make an impact on this, I would like to ask each one of you together with our family, to assemble at Kiosko, Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City on October 16, 2016 (Sunday), 5o’clock in the morning. District Governor Jing Dela Calzada will be our speaker, to give us some perspective of what Rotary Foundation have been doing for 100 years, transforming our contributions into projects that change lives around the world.

You are all also invited to visit the District exhibits at 2nd floor near event center, LimKetKai Mall. Here we showcase the history of Rotary Foundation. The exhibits will be open for public viewing until October 16, 2016. So please bring your family and be amazed of its noble accomplishments.

Thank you for the support and wish that you make this day worth remembering


  • Walk to End Polio — October 16, 2016. This is a world-wide project undertaken by Rotary International to instill awareness to end polio. Unanimous! approve that the club will join the Walk.
  • New Generation Forum and the Youth City officials under Dir. JP Gaston . The board appointed Dir. Tito Mora to Chair the said project. The Forum is scheduled on October 21, 2016 while the City Youth officials is on October 24, 2016. Fund raising for A Cause under PD Jun Hipona. The board approved to sponsor block screening of a movie next semester

Lets be one in moving forward in Rotary Serving Humanity.


Today we will be hearing from our honored guest speaker, Supt. Roy Magsalay, how to profile a suspect, very timely in a country like ours. As Rotarians, it is our sworn duty to become catalysts for PEACE AND CONFLICT PREVENTIONS, hence, I hope we shall listen carefully and learn from him. Cagayan de Oro is one of the cities in the country that is experiencing a shortage of police force to maintain its peace and order. With that handicap, they need our support in any way we can be of help to them. Identifying an allege suspect would be a determent to commit a disorder. So fellow Rotarians, please help me welcome our honored guest speaker for today’s regular weekly meeting, Supt. Roy Magsalay.

I would like also to ask each one to focus and spare some of your precious time in our incoming Interplast Project. This Project, as we knew, is one of our very important activities, as to the impact to our community, and its help that brings to it. Last meeting’s recognition time gave us a total initial fund of 8135,000.00 breaking our records over the years. This philanthropic act spells clearly why we are called the greatest.

Thank you for your support and May the Good Lord ever bless us in all of our good intentions.

Today’s rapidly changing world

Today’s rapidly changing world, brought about by advance technologies, has turned the 21st century into a world more of a global village.

Our global village will be with families without electricity, some with no shelter, others with no food or access to safe water, and, some are illiterate.

This environment provides Rotary opportunities for membership growth, for service, or positioning Rotary strategically to engage a changing world

Every three years, members from Rotary districts across the globe gather in Chicago to review and vote on proposed legislation. This is the Council on Legislation which is part of Rotary’s governance.

The Council will tackle all legislation received before the deadline. Legislation are of two types enactments and resolutions.

Certainly Rotary has evolved. It adopts to what the world is now. The Council on Legislation has approved to give clubs greater flexibility in their meetings and membership. Being backed by the RI Board of Directors and passed overwhelmingly after a lively debate, the first measure gives clubs greater leeway in when and how often they meet, how often they cancel meetings, and, what constitutes a meeting, as long as they meet twice a month. The second measure grants clubs to experiment with membersh models like corporate membership. Clubs will be given freedom to determine what works best in their communities.

Of course these two measures has to be approved by the RI Board just as they have approved the acceptance of women in Rotary decades ago…peace my brethren!!!:)

Let’s see what PDG Tinnex and PAG Chito has to say…

Cowboy Logic

“Cowboy Logic,” as sung by Michael Martin Murphey, has been one of my favorite songs for many years because of its happy music and thoughtful lyrics. It has relevance to Rotary because of its emphasis on honesty and hard work, but I did not fully appreciate its application to our organization until I read Cowboy Ethics by Jim Owen.

Jim was aware that the unwritten Code of the West was a powerful and positive force shaping the ethical behavior of cowboys in the Western states of the USA, and he distilled the code into 10 guiding principles. They are succinctly and aptly stated, and they align closely with The Four-Way Test, one of the hallmarks of Rotary.

Three of the principles are particularly applicable to the PolioPlus program. In the 30 years since the program was launched, Rotarians have remained steadfastly committed to the goal of polio eradication, even though it has taken much longer and been more expensive than anyone originally imagined. But we stuck with it, and now the goal of ending polio is clearly in sight. Along the way, we have fulfilled three of the principles of the Code of the West: “Do what has to be done,” “When you make a promise, keep it,” and “Always finish what you start”!

Two other principles have special relevance for The Rotary Foundation as a whole: “Take pride in your work” and “Ride for the brand.” Through their support of Foundation programs, from the first ambassadorial scholarships in 1948 to newer initiatives such as the Rotary Peace Centers and the Future Vision plan, Rotarians have truly made the world a better place. And because Rotarians have “ridden for the brand” through their creative work and generous contributions, these programs have been highly successful, enhancing members‘ability to take pride in their work. Therefore, I do not need to ask Rotarians for their loyalty, to the Foundation. Instead, I want to thank them for their amazing loyalty!