Rotarians of RC CDO celebrating Pre-Valentine’s Day
June 30, 2020
Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro providing food packs to Locally Stranded
June 30, 2020

Rotary Club of CDO QUIETLY

As the national situation deteriorated over the weekend the Rotary Club of CDO QUIETLY but quickly raised a substantial amount from their personal savings.

By this morning NMMC received their direly needed resources.

While everyone was busy posting their opinions on FB, the RCCDO was busy moving resources behind closed FB groups.

Accomplished retirees, busy business leaders, respected community elders, military officers, all responded in action with not a single FB post before everything was done.

Their first reaction during any crisis is to help. They are an inspiration to me – that no matter how difficult my finances and situation are i can still help others in need.

I came to CDO in 2012 and witnessed the club in quiet but effective action from Sendong, to the Zamboanga Siege, Kidapawan famine and bloodshed, SAF44, Marawi siege, the fires and earthquakes and storms. These are on top of the yearly programs to help the community(water, sanitation, health, education), and the international effort to fight Polio.

These men and women (Rotary Anns) go beyond photo ops and dole outs and actually changed entire communities and generations (this is our 72nd year).

Every simple lunch meeting, a school or a baranggay gets urgent help. As a former Club Secretary I’ve seen countless times when a Rotarian raises an issue and 2-5 minutes later 20,000 pesos or more are raised to solve it.

And yet not many outside the club or the recipient community knows.

How amazing is that?

For donations thru bank deposits

Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro
Saving Account # 9331-8907-39
BPI Cagayan de Oro Masterson Avenue Branch

For credit card or Paypal donations:

[email protected]