It’s nice to be back, feeling better after a medical vacation
May 29, 2018

Few meetings to go and I will start relinquishing

Few meetings to go and I will start relinquishing, my duties to the next team. We will just finish our last project, the Water for Life for the students of Baikingon Elementary School, then we can call it, FINISH. Well done my worthy Rotarians of RCCDO, I am very certain that the people we serve will never forget our goodness. Every talent, time, and treasure you spared for the less fortunate, will surely be remembered. Our 69 years of service to humanity is a history we have to protect. Good men names have to be remembered, hence RCCDO must not stop to be ever mindful to the needs of our community.

My team can not accept alone the credit and honors of our awards without the support of our equally service oriented spouses, our lovely Anns. Our Anns headed by Ann President Lady Linda Caragos, we can never forget their projects, the Dakilang Ina, Balik Eskwela, Christmas Gift-giving, and partnering with us on the many fellowships we had. This I owe to them. Hence, to show my heartfelt gratitude, I intentionally joined them on their fellowship at Renee Araneta Perrine farm tour, at Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, last May 6, 2017, thinking that it was my opportune time to show my gratitude, and for that I graciously offered to call the bill on me. Thank you again forever lovely Anns, you are so dear to us. Our sincerest thanks to you our indispensable partners.

Let our fellowship continue, united in the Ideal of Service.